Amazing Monster Tales at BookBar!

I’m proud to be incuded in the newly released Amazing Monster Tales #2. The series is edited by Jamie Fergeson and DeAnna Knippling, and features the work of some monstrously amazing writers.

Here are some pictures of the reading Amazing Monster Tales #2 held at BookBar (4280 Tennyson St, Denver, CO) on November 9th.

From left to right: Shannon Lawrence, J L Forrest, DeAnna Knippling, Jamie Fergeson, Rebecca Hodgekins, and me.

Writer Q and A, from left to right: Rebecca Hodgkins, me, Shannon Lawrence, and J L Forrest.


Welcome to my website.

Here you will find links to several stories I wrote in the 1990s, published in New York Press, Boston Phoenix, and Java Journal. These snapshots of midwestern restlessness and small town ennui loosely mirror my own youth and young adulthood growing up in Iowa, and later, Minnesota. Interestingly (to me, anyway), I wrote them while I lived in New York City, looking back on my small town roots from the distance of the big city. These stories form my first publishing successes, and I thank John Strausbaugh of the now sadly defunct New York Press for championing my early work.

You’ll also find my first novel here, Life Under Water. I wrote it after I moved to Colorado, in the comfortable remove of my first house and my first marriage.

Feral is a collection of flash pieces culled from my blog. The Oort Cloud. These stories document my first forays into science fiction and horror. Other stories written during this time include Groceries and Fingernail Moon, published in Isotropic Fiction #5 and #10.

Finally, I have a collection of flash erotica titled Serious Moonlight under the penname J G Cain.

I look forward to sharing stories and insights with you in the coming posts.