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Book cover art by Jo Seaquist, Art Must Die

Recent published work by Jeff Wood

My story, “Edge of the Forest,” is in this powerful anthology with writers such as Steve Rasnic Tem, Daniel M. Lavery, and Thomas Mavroudis.

My doctor tells me I’m a heart attack waiting to happen.

Listen to a performance of my horror short story, A Trick of the Light, on the award winning NoSleep podcast, Season 17, episode 16.


Read my horror satire of the NextDoor app,, in Dark Moon Digest #44.

The button said, Click here to make your dreams come true!

Katie clicked, a fish jumping to a baited hook.

Read what I consider one of the best stories I’ve even written, Clickbait, leading off a wonderful collection of stories in Amazing Monster Tales #4: Into the Briny Deep.

Amazing Monster Tales 4

A post-apocalyptic love story in three acts.

Confession: I self-published this story because publishers seemed hesitant to buy a story with the word “fuck” in the title.

A chilling new urban legend in the tradition of Candyman and Bloody Mary.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

The Grey Angel listens to anyone who gathers the courage to speak to her.

Listen in as kids tell ghost stories in the shadow of the church, about the watchful eye and patient wings of the statue known as the Grey Angel. One of a collection of haunting stories, lovingly curated and edited by Jamie Ferguson.

Books by Jeff Wood

Feral, by Jeff Wood

Feral presents thirteen chilling works of flash fiction, culled from Jeff Wood’s blog, The Oort Cloud. These stories have been published in Six Sentences, Fiction at Work, tomlit, Everyday Weirdness and Halfway Down the Stairs. They are collected for the first time in Feral.

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Val, on vacation with her husband, witnesses the death of a homeless man in an empty motel swimming pool. Shaken out of the everyday routine of her life, Val leaves her husband and gets a room under a new name at the same hotel. Life Under Water follows her as she finds a job at a nearby coffee shop and begins to learn about the mysterious loose-knit community of people who live and work in this small, self-contained economy.

Life Under Water is a book about finding hope and courage in the face of trauma and abuse.

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More Stories by Jeff Wood

My pulp-fiction tinted horror story, Exit Ramp, is included in this wonderful anthology, along with stories by Mark Leslie, Ron Collins, Shannon Lawrence, DeAnna Knippling, Rebecca Hodgkins, Jamie Ferguson, Meyari McFarland, Jason Dias and Sharon Kae Reamer.

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Small town ennui at the birth of the video game era.

“Eddie was thinking that when he was a little kid he was scared to get on the escalator, or off, afraid he would get sucked in and eaten, afraid of the very thing that had just happened to him, almost, in real life. His Dad had told him there was nothing to be scared of. That escalators didn’t eat people, really. Eddie was thinking it was one more reason to distrust his Dad.”

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Tales of midwestern small town slacker-hood, as Toby copes with a dead end job, an untrustworthy roommate with an underage girlfriend, and an endless series of Saturday mornings filled with cereal and bong hits and reruns of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

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 Small town high school kids spend their summer nights drinking malt liquor on the roof while contemplating the mouldering dead cat on the roof just below them. In August, Juliet discovers the spiders.

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Isotropic Fiction #10 includes my story Fingernail Moon. Killer squirrels, toxoplasmosis, and the 100th Monkey Phenomenon.

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Isotropic Fiction #5 includes my story, Groceries. Shopping carts, failing marraiges, and the horror that lurks within everyday objects.

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Metcalf tries to hold up a gas station in Cairo, Missouri, with a cigarette lighter, and when that plan predictably fails he ends up at the Tip Top Lounge, listening to a girl named Lainie talk about Betty Rubble. These six funny and lyrical short stories follow Metcalf and Lainie as they make their first scared and tentative steps toward an uncertain future together.

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Metcalf smokes a joint with Lainie in the town square and learns about recreational morphine use and the ontology of Betty Rubble.

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About Jeff Wood

Jeff Wood lives in Colorado Springs, where he spends way too much time staring at the night sky, and a little too much time watching baseball. His stories have appeared in over 30 publications such as Boston Phoenix, New York Press, Wild Musette, Fiction at Work, Bright Desire, The Greyrock Review, Bellowing Ark, and Java Journal. He has a children’s play included in the anthology CHILDSPLAY, in the company of such authors as Sam Shepard and Maya Angelou.

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